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New Toco Shul (NTS) is an intellectually diverse synagogue in the Toco Hill community of Atlanta, GA. We pride ourselves on offering learning opportunities that represent the spectrum of Orthodoxy. Our shul is a warm and welcoming place where everyone knows your name.

Rabbi Dr. Don Seeman is the rabbi of the New Toco Shul. He is also an associate professor of Religion and Jewish Studies at Emory University, and was involved with our shul from the beginning. Before moving to Atlanta he lived and taught in Jerusalem, was a Wexner Fellow and earned a PhD in Social Anthropology.

Now @ NTS

This Week's Zemanim

Shabbat Parshat וַיִּשְׁלַח/Vayishlach (12/1 - 12/2)

Friday Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat/Maariv: 5:10 pm

🕯️🕯️ Candlelighting: 5:10 pm

Friday Night Oneg with Rabbi Yoni Rosensweig
at Graber Home (1266 Jody): 8:30 pm on the topic
""How I Got Into Mental Health, and Why It's Important"

Shacharit: 9:00 am
...with a drasha from Rabbi Yoni Rosensweig on
"Right and Wrong Ways to Address Mental Health in the Orthodox Community"

...followed by a deluxe (cholent) kiddush

Pre-Mincha Shiur at 4:00 pm with Rabbi Yoni Rosensweig on
"Case Study: Can a Person with Anxiety and Depression Use Their Phone on Shabbat?"

Mincha: 5:00 pm
...followed by Seuda Shelishit

Motzei Shabbat Maariv: 5:58 pm-ish

 🔥 Havdalah: 6:10 pm

Upcoming Week (Sunday 12/3 - Friday 12/8):

Sunday Shacharit: 8:30 am
Mincha/Maariv (Sunday - Thursday): 5:15 pm
Vatikin Shacharit (Monday - Friday): 7:05 am

📣 Announcements

This Week!

  • Kiddush this week is sponsored by the our SiR sponsors. To sponsor Kiddush or Seuda Shelishit, please reach out to Rabbi Seeman or
  • Thank you to all the Seuda Shelishit sponsors!
    ~ December is sponsored by the Diener Family. Thank you!
    ~ January is sponsored by the Roytenberg Family. Thank you!
    ~ February is sponsored by the Graber Family. Thank you!
    ~ Sedah Shelishit other months are still available for sponsorship!

    If you would like to give a D'var Torah over at Seuda Shlishit, please let Rabbi Seeman know! Thank you!
  • After ten years of service, NTS has retired most of its worn tallesim (tallitot) and replaced them with brand new ones from Israel. These are handmade tzitzit from Israel, and the large white one has techelet. Please consider dedicating a tallit for $125 or $500 for all of them -- speak to Rabbi Seeman for more details.
🚨 Israel Needs Your Help! 🚨

Please consider donating to the following Israel-based charities that need immediate help:

Emory @ NTS - Shabbat Afternoon Lecture Series

 A Shabbat afternoon series by Rabbi Ira Bedzow
"Exploring the Thought of Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch"

Upcoming Amazing SiR Programs @ NTS

Ongoing Shiurim/Classes @ NTS

Current Weekly Shiur Line-Up

  • Wednesday at 8:30 pm: A Stronger Klal Yisroel: A New Initiative for Toco Shuls. This is a four-part series learning Hilchos Shabbos (Tzurba M'Rabannan). The learning will rotate between various shuls. All are welcome!

COMING SOON! Sunday Nights @ 7:00. "10 Issues in Kashrut"

Fri, December 8 2023 25 Kislev 5784