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Welcome to New Toco Shul

NTS is an intellectually vibrant, family friendly Orthodox synagogue. We are founded on the ideas that every individual has unique abilities and perspectives, that we are obligated to share our talents with others, and that our community is strongest when our members contribute to its success and well-being. Our rabbinic and lay partners work together to provide a platform for sophisticated and nuanced Torah, reflective and meaningful Tefillah, and supportive and enriching Gemilut Chassadim.

Find us at 2003 Lavista Rd, Atlanta GA 30329.

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Currently @ NTS

Friday, Eruv Shabbat, 10/18

-- Mincha/Maariv at 6:40 pm
-- Candle lighting at 6:41 pm 

Shabbat, 10/19

-- Shacharit at 9:00 am with a special guest drasha from Rabbi Aaron Herman, of Tzohar Seminary for Hasidus and the Arts in Pittsburgh.
-- Followed by Kiddush
-- 5:45 pm - Contemporary Halacha with Rabbi Michael Broyde:  "The Division of Haazinu into Aliyot:  Is it an Example of an Ancient Halakhic Tradition?"
-- 6:30 pm -  Mincha - followed by Seudah Shelishit with Rabbi Don Seeman.
-- 7:41 pm - Havdalah

**For Tikkun Leil Hoshana Rabbah, please see flyer, below!**

Sunday, Hoshana Rabbah & Eruv Shemini Atzeret, 10/20

-- 7:15 am - VATIKIN Shacharit
-- 6:40 pm - Mincha/ Maariv

Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah, 10/21 - 10/22

**For Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah, please see flyer, below!**

Wednesday - Friday, 10/23 - 10/25

-- 7:20 am Vatikin Shacharit
-- 6:45 pm Mincha/Maariv

Sukkot @ NTS


MANY THANKS to our Yom Kippur Silent Appeal donors!  You made it happen! 

Levi and Aliza  Afrah, Chuck Azer and Elaine Miller, Dr. Alan  Belinky, Rabbi Michael and Ellie Berger, Shlomo  Berkowitz, Sam and Debbie  Bettsak, David and Laura Bogart, Craig Borkowf, Rabbi Michael and Channah Broyde, Hillarie Clein, Rachel Domba, Arie and Lisa Elon, Scott Forbus, Yacov and Rachelle Freedman, Yoni and Davida Graber, Robb and Debra Hensley, Seth and Shelia Jutan, Eileen Kramer, Dave and Donna Krombach, Gabi Kocerha and Jonathan Kugel, Marc and Bev Lewyn, Alison Feit and Jordan Mann, Paul and Judy Merlis, Rabbi Shlomo and Tzivie Pill, Jon and Amy Rolnick, Malcolm Rosenberg, Elliot Royston, Rebecca and Matthew Schmerer, Fred Shaffer, Richard Stein, Laura Kahn and Rabbi Reuven Travis, Jodi and Josh Wittenberg, Jennifer Yaffe, and Anonymous!


Sat, October 19 2019 20 Tishrei 5780