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Welcome to New Toco Shul

NTS is an intellectually vibrant, family friendly Orthodox synagogue. We are founded on the ideas that every individual has unique abilities and perspectives, that we are obligated to share our talents with others, and that our community is strongest when our members contribute to its success and well-being. Our rabbinic and lay partners work together to provide a platform for sophisticated and nuanced Torah, reflective and meaningful Tefillah, and supportive and enriching Gemilut Chassadim.

This Week's Zemanim

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Upcoming Scholars-in-Residence

📣 Announcements📣
  • Please see our complete list of shiurim, below!
  • Refuah Shelemah and prayers for a speedy recovery to Janet Bellovin, Bev Lewyn, and Dr. Paul Merlis.
  • Seuda Shelishit for the month of October is sponsored by the Seeman family. November is sponsored by the Wittenberg family. December is sponsored by the Diener family. Thank  you!
  • To sponsor Kiddush or Seuda Shelishit, please reach out to Rabbi Seeman ( or
COVID Updates
  • Please be up to date on our shul COVID policies (last updated 7.11.2022).
  • For anyone who is not comfortable coming to shul, if you have a yahrzeit coming up and would like a "Kel Maleh" said for your loved one, or if you would like someone to say Kaddish on your behalf, please reach out to Scott Forbus at to arrange.

Shiurim/Classes @ NTS

Current Weekly Shiur Line-Up

Sat, November 26 2022 2 Kislev 5783