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Welcome to New Toco Shul

NTS is an intellectually vibrant, family friendly Orthodox synagogue. We are founded on the ideas that every individual has unique abilities and perspectives, that we are obligated to share our talents with others, and that our community is strongest when our members contribute to its success and well-being. Our rabbinic and lay partners work together to provide a platform for sophisticated and nuanced Torah, reflective and meaningful Tefillah, and supportive and enriching Gemilut Chassadim.

Find us at 2003 Lavista Rd, Atlanta GA 30329.

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Upcoming Events:  Special Pre-Selichot Panel | World History by a Jew

Currently @ NTS

Erev Shabbat, 9/20:

-- Mincha/Maariv at 6:15 pm with drasha from Rabbi Don Seeman:  "From Bikkurim to Selichot:  Two Ways of Looking Back on Our Ancestors."

-- Candle lighting at 6:20 (early)/7:19 pm      

Shabbat, 9/21:

-- Shacharit at 9:00 am with a drasha from Rabbi Don Seeman:  "Does G-d Really Have a Long Face? The Meaning of 'Erech Appayim' in Our Appeal to G-d on the High Holidays."

-- After Kiddush with Rabbi Don Seeman:  "(come and find out)"

During the month of Ellul, the month of Rav Kook’s yahrzeit, Rabbi Seeman would like to share the following wonderful recording of Rabbi Soloveitchik remembering Rav Kook in 1969. It can be a little hard to hear but it is well worth it. One of the twentieth century’s  greatest religious leaders speaking about another. Come to NTS regularly and you are bound to hear Torah from both of them.

--6:15 Contemporary Halacha Shiur with Rabbi Michael Broyde:  "Sous Vide Cooking and Halacha."

--7:00  Mincha - followed by Seudah Shelishit with a special d'var Torah from visiting scholar Tehila Helfenbaum.  

--8:26 Havdalah

--9:45 Don't miss this special evening!

Perspectives on Penitence:
Refreshing Recommendations on Repentance

Featuring scholars: 

Dr. Rachel Anisfeld
Rabbi Dr. Michael S. Berger
Dr. Alison Feit
Rabbi Yale New

House opend and Light Refreshments at 9:45
Panel begins at 10:00
Selichot are recited at 10:50 

Sunday, 9/22:

--Shacharit 8:30 am. 

--Mincha/Maariv 7:10 pm.

Week of Monday, 9/23:

--Sephardi Selichot at 6:00 am.

--Vatikin Shacharit meets at 7:05 am. 

--Mincha/Maariv is at 7:10 pm.

Sun, September 22 2019 22 Elul 5779