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COVID Resources

NTS COVID-19 Policy (updated 10.15.2021)



    -- “FULLY VACCINATED” DEFINITION: This means one is two weeks post final (or only) vaccine dose for a US FDA-approved COVID vaccine.
    -- "EXPOSURE" and "SYMPTOM" DEFINITIONS: NTS has adopted
    exposure and symptom guidelines defined by the CDC.
    -- GENERAL: We highly recommend those who attend our minyanim get a US FDA-approved COVID vaccine, if able to receive it. At this time, this is not mandatory to attend shul or shul functions. Please consult with your physician before making any health-related decisions.
    -- ALL OTHER COVID POLICIES: Those who are fully vaccinated are still required to follow all other COVID policies.
    -- MASKING: 
    Anyone who is not vaccinated, from age of two and above, as well as people who may not be vaccinated for health reasons, must wear a mask while on NTS premises. Anyone fully vaccinated with no symptoms and no known exposure do not have to mask at this time, though the CDC has recommended masking for everyone in high transmission locations (and the metr0-Atlanta area is considered one of these locations). 
    -- SOCIAL DISTANCING: Three (3) feet social distancing is currently recommended.
    -- BE SMART! Please use common sense. If you do not know what to do, please contact someone on the COVID Committee (
    -- GENERAL: Guests, visitors, and/or recent travelers are welcomed and must follow all policies.
    -- TZEDAKAH COLLECTORS: Welcome! If any tzedakah collector would like to make a public pitch, please speak to the rabbi ( before doing so.
    -- Children are welcomed in shul and must follow all policies.
    -- Children who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a mask while indoors but can unmask while outdoors.
    -- We hope to bring back children’s activities and groups soon.
    -- OFFICIAL POLICY CHANGES: The Rabbi or anyone on the COVID Committee reserves the right to change these rules.
    -- AD HOC CHANGES: The Rabbi or anyone of the COVID Committee reserves the right to ask a specific person or group of people to wear a mask, sit/stand in a specific spot, and/or leave the premises.


    -- SHUL OR SHUL FUNCTIONS: If one received a positive COVID test – for any reason – please do not come to shul or attend shul functions.
    -- REPORTING: Please report any positive cases on the
     Community COVID Reporting Form.
    -- INTEGRATING: This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis as there are several contributing factors. The NTS COVID Committee will review all individual cases. Please email: We thank you for your cooperation! 
    -- SHUL OR SHUL FUNCTIONS: If one of these cases applies, please do not come to shul or attend shul functions: (1) You (or anyone living with you) are experiencing any of the COVID symptoms, (2) You have been exposed to someone who has either tested positive for COVID or who is experiencing any of the COVID symptoms, and/or (3) you are awaiting results of a COVID test due to any of the two prior situations.
    -- INTEGRATING: We require a 7-day wait before testing (one can test on day 7), OR a 10-day wait without symptoms, before returning to shul. If you opt for the test, it must be a PCR test and cannot be a "rapid" test.
    -- DEFINITIONS: NTS has adopted
    exposure and symptom guidelines defined by the CDC.
    -- SHUL OR SHUL FUNCTIONS: If showing COVID symptoms, even if fully vaccinated, please do not come to shul or attend shul functions.
    -- INTEGRATING: Please wait until symptoms are over or a negative PCR test before coming to shul or attending shul functions.
    -- SHUL OR SHUL FUNCTIONS: If showing 
    no symptoms, you may continue to attend shul but only with a mask for a period of 14 days.
NTS COVID Committee

The COVID Committee is made up of the NTS Executive Committee in consultation with Rabbi Seeman. Very simply, we try our best to see what is happening with COVID in the world, US, Georgia, Atlanta, and the greater local Jewish community. With advice and input from healthcare and medical professionals, we make NTS policies we feel will best protect the people who come to NTS. Our policies evolve as the information evolves. The most up-to-date shul policies are all found here on this webpage. For more information, please contact the NTS COVID Committee at:

Community COVID Reporting Form

To get ahead of COVID variants in our community, the Orthodox community is re-establishing the shul-based COVID reporting system.  If you have recently had a positive COVID test, please self-report and provide details on this link.

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