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Shiurim @ NTS

  • Friday Night D'var Torah, a (relatively) quick thought-provoking glimpse on the Parsha or current events in the Jewish world by Rabbi Don Seeman.
  • Shabbat Morning Drasha, the weekly drasha given by Rabbi Don Seeman.
  • Radical Judaism, a study of the unpublished writings of Rav Kook each week after Kiddush with Rabbi Don Seeman.
  • Contemporary Halacha, each week 45 minutes before Shabbat Mincha with Rabbi Chaim Lindenblatt.
  • Simply Tanach: Shmuel's "Book of Shmuel" (Perakim 1-6), during Seudah Shlishit with Yoni Graber.
Wed, July 17 2019 14 Tammuz 5779