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Shiurim/Classes @ NTS

Regular/Ongoing Shiurim:
  • Friday Night D'var Torah, a (relatively) quick thought-provoking glimpse on the Parsha or current events in the Jewish world by Rabbi Don Seeman.
  • Shabbat Morning Drasha, the weekly drasha given by Rabbi Don Seeman.
  • Radical Judaism, a study of the unpublished writings of Rav Kook each week after Kiddush with Rabbi Don Seeman.
  • Contemporary Halacha, each week 45 minutes before Shabbat Mincha with Rabbi Michael Broyde.
  • Seudah Shelishit Series by Dan Jutan on "Sefer Devarim as Mishneh Torah". This series will meet on: August 24, September 7, 14, 21, 28, and October 5th.

College Beit Midrash of Atlanta:

The College Beit Midrash of Atlanta is a Beit Midrash program for college-aged students in Atlanta, creating an inclusive and comprehensive religious community.

CBMA was founded by our very own Dan Jutan (see shiur series above!) and Rabbi Reuven Travis. CBMA teachers also include our very own Rabbi Shlomo Pill and Rabbi Michael Broyde.

CBMA is hosted at Ohr HaTorah (formerly Young Israel of Toco Hills) and meets every Sunday night at 6:15 pm and every Wednesday night at 8:00 pm.


Throughout the year we are privileged to host SIR weekends. If you are interested in coming to our shul or if you know someone that is, please email

Past Shiurim/Classes @ NTS

We thank Yoni Graber for his Tanach series called: "Simply Tanach: Shmuel's 'Book of Shmuel' (Perakim 1-7)".

We thank Rabbis Druin, Leubitz, and Cohen for thier summer series about"Challenges in Elementary Jewish Education"!
Sun, September 22 2019 22 Elul 5779